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Litter Porte 36 - 10 ans a se fte en chansons
Born : 26 juin 2018
 Jumpin Jack Flash du Clos de Cachadar

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 Islandia du Clos de Cachadar
4 kitten(s)

For the 10th birthday of our cattery Islandia and Julpy spoiled us with the birth of 4 magnificent babies very colorful and strong.


Consulter les infos du chaton Oleanna (chanson norvgienne) Black silver blotched tortie tabby Booked
Consulter les infos du chaton Onawa (The Van Jets) Brown tortie van Booked
Consulter les infos du chaton One Kiss (Barbra Streisand) Brown blotched tabby Stay at the cattery
Consulter les infos du chaton Oopsy Daisy (Chipmunk) Black silver blocthed torby et blanc Stay at the cattery
Option An option was taken on the kitten. The futur owner wishes to have a time to think before confirming his booking (this one cannot exceed 1 month). Thus the kitten can become again available.
Booked The kitten was booked. The futur owner has taken a firm decision and paid an advance.
Left to join
his(her) new family
The kitten left the cattery for join his new family.
See the litter's pedigree When shown, this pictogram allows to access the pedigree of the litter. It's also presented on the consultation form of each kitten.
See the litter's gallery When shown, this pictogram allows you to access to the kitten's gallery.
Terms of sale of our kittens
  • Our kittens leave in 12-13 past weeks to assure them a good behavioral development.
  • They are completely familiarized, been used to the children, to the dog and to the domestic noises.
  • Declared to the LOOF, and thus owners of an official pedigree.
  • Identified by chip.
  • Dewormed every month until their departure in their new family.
  • vaccinated against typhus + coryza + leucose + rabies + chlamydiose.
  • Sold with a sale contract and leave with a kitten pack (foods).
  • The cats of company are sterilized before their departure.
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