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H-Altar de Laloken*FR
Sire : GIC F*Forest Cat Farrell JW DVM Look at the gallery

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Dam : S*Fridalas Saffran
Born : 2012-08-04  
Colour : Ecaille tabby van (NFO f 21 01)
Title : IC
Health : GSD4 : ascendants tests ngatifs
PKDef : ascendants tests ngatifs
HCM/PKD normal (28/10/2013 - 07/04/2016)
Breeder : Marie-Pierre Franois

Since we began the breeding we hoped we could count one day among us a young lady coming from Marie-Pierre's cattery. Today this wish came true with the arrival of our attractive small star Altar.
From the first photos I fell under the charm and that was confirming over the weeks. One thousand thank you Marie-Pierre to have agreed to entrust us this young beauty which has already demonstrated me her super temper by making me enormous purring in the train on the way back.

There is no doubt that she'll have a place of choice in our future breedings plans, by hoping that she transmits her already very present high qualities to her offsprings. But, for the moment, let us growing and blooming in the middle of the other members of the tribe.

The awards list of H-Altar de Laloken*FR
Date and location Judge Classe Results
2014-04-13 - Paris Champerret 2014 Mme A. PALOLUOMA-SUNDHOLM (FI) CACIB CACIB
2014-04-12 - Paris Champerret 2014 Mme M. ZIEMIANSKA (NO) CAC CAC - devient Championne FIFe
2014-03-02 - Tienen A. Wittich (CH) CAC Exc2/3
2014-01-12 - Beaune 2014 M. F. Guzman (ES) CAC CAC
2014-01-11 - Beaune 2014 Mme M. Kudra (PL) CAC CAC
2012-11-24 - Beaune 2012 - Spciale NFO Mme Dubois - FR 3-6 mois EXC 1/7 - BIV
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